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In this blog we are going to provide you with a more simplified explanation on what you should know on the subject of: Sunscreen. Yes, that lotion, spray, gel or other solution you decide to apply on your skin is our sole topic today. Please keep an open mind and most especi...
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One of the most common questions from clients who visit a medical cosmetic clinic is — “What is the difference between the professional skin care products available at the clinic and those available at a supermarket or pharmacy?”The key difference is the kinds of i...
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1) Sun protectionThere’s a reason that ‘sun protection’ is our number 1 tip- it’s the cornerstone of everything we do at The Jade Cosmetic Clinic. If you’re not investing in good quality, physical barrier sunscreen & using it 365 days a year, then there is not a lo...
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It can be easy to fall in love with these foundations when they give you a flawless look that lasts all day (even in the humid weather!)But is that really what is best?"I’ve encountered many clients wearing long-wear, stay in place foundations over the years. The problem w...
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