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TriDration B

Synergie Skin


An advanced cooling gel mask to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin on 3 levels with humectants (water magnets), water balancers and dermally-active hyaluronic acid stimulators.

This 5 minute express mask offers on-the-go results to leave the skin plump and hydrated from within, while restoring a youthful dewy glow.

With added skin brightening, antioxidants and redness-reducing benefits, this mask is sure to boost the health of every skin type and condition.


Target stressed skin and indulge in self-care with 10% off Tridation B for the month of August. 

We are fully stocked in the complete range of Synergie products. TriDration B and other Synergie products can be ordered by emailing info@puresynergie.com.au or by phoning our store on 07 4081 4561.

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