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Blemish Control Kit

Synergie Skin


A targeted solution for those with blemish-prone skin. Combat blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores with our gentle pH balanced cleanser, light moisturiser, and our essential skin balancing, acne and exfoliation serums. Your path to clear skin truly begins here.

UltraCleanse – cleansing gel concentrate (30ml)
Ultimate A – essential vitamin A serum (10ml)
Vitamin B – essential niacinamide serum (10ml)
ReVeal – exfoliating serum (10ml)
HydroGel – oil-free finishing serum (10ml)
Blem-X – acne and blemish spot serum (2ml)

We are fully stocked in the complete range of Synergie products. Blemish Control Kit and other Synergie products can be ordered by emailing info@puresynergie.com.au or by phoning our store on 07 4081 4561.

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