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Isle Of Man

P Frapin & Cie



Isle of Man is a fresh, salty marine fragrance that mirrors the tough, stony landscape of the beaches that surround the Isle of Man. A tart, aromatic opening of grapefruit and butter orange flanked by the leafy mintiness of fresh basil is like a breath of fresh air taken at the seaside after a long day cooped up inside. This is followed by a heart of peppery, almost rubbery freesia and sweet, dewy violets that have been doused in a heavy shaking of sea salt, turning everything aromatic, saline, and fresh. A strongly musky, grassy base of vetiver and ironwood represents the dry, green smell of salt grass and reeds to perfection. Wonderfully fresh, without being overly bitter or aquatic, Isle of Man is a very easy to like marine masculine for the modern man.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Bitter Orange, BasilHeart notes: Sea Salt, Freesia, VioletBase notes: Ironwood, Vetiver, Musc

Olfactive family: Woods



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